Exponet, the name of the industry which does scientific experiments, established new laboratories in the industrial zone of Manhattan, not far away from the woods. One night, one of the foresters (unmarried and very lonely) went to his work,  to the woods next to the industrial zone, as he casually did, to complete his 10-6 shift. The shift was near its end, everything seemed alright when he suddenly saw a very bright ray of light coming from Exponet’s laboratories. He reckoned it was bizarre as nothing similar had he ever experienced in his work. Curiosity took over him and he decided to approach the laboratories, in order to find out what had happened. He climbed over the fences from the back and started to walk towards the room from which he had seen this tremendous sight. He got in and saw the company’s staff in uniforms carrying around large boxes in carts. He had to think of a way to make them think he was a worker and it struck him. He hid in a «Staff Only» room, waited for a worker to come in, he then knocked him out, wore his uniform and walked out of the room. He walked down the big hallway and reached a secured room, which he opened with the card of the person he had knocked out; he then entered. He saw many large tables, on which the scientists performed their experiments on humans and proceeded to walk towards them. His curiosity was captivated once again and went over a human body, while a scientist was occupied with it. He asked him questions regarding the body and the scientist soon found out that the forester didn’t work there, as the uniform he was wearing was his colleague’s. He pressed the emergency button next to him, a huge screen on the wall showed which table pressed it and in a split of a second all of the staff had gathered around the forester and the scientist, who explained to his colleagues that this man was a conman and they immediately put him on the table, immobilized him and inserted anesthesia into his blood. Afterwards they put him in a chamber where… he was transformed into a blackbird! The next morning, when the forester woke up and realized what had happened, as expected, he freaked out. Luckily, the staff’s uniform, which he wore previously, was in there with him; he found a card in his trousers, on which every chamber’s password was written, and managed to get out of it. He then scanned the card in every door till the very last one and eventually escaped. Hours passed and the same night he returned to the woodland where he worked. He sat on a tree’s branch which had a view to the laboratories and thought about how he would deal with the misfortune that happened to him. It was a full moon that night; other birds sat next to him, they started chirping. He knew there was no one waiting for him back home so he followed suit as this would keep him free of his problem for the night.

Ανδρέας Τσαγδούρης, Μαργετίνα Μπουντούρη, Γιάννης Ψαρρός, Γεωργία Σκούμπα (Β2)





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