Who is the Mystery Person ?

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Can you find who the Mystery Person is ?


Mystery Person 1:  ( By Themis Doukakis )

  • He was the king of Ithaka.
  • He was a great warrior and a very intelligent man. He fought in Troy .
  • He created something that helped him get into the town of Troy.
  • He finally won the war . It took him ten years to return to his wife and his son .


Who is he ?


Mystery Person 2 : ( By Konstantinos Dimitriadis )


  • He wrote some of the most famous books in the world.
  • He wrote the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit.
  • He died in 1973.


Who is he ?


Mystery Person 3 : (By Christos Slambeas )

  • He was born in Germany.
  • He was the most clever man in the world.
  • He was a Physicist.
  • He described with mathematics the phenomenon of the Black Holes.


Who is he ?


Mystery Person 4 : (By Elisavet Stavroudi )

  • He is a singer in Greece.
  • He likes singing and he is a very energetic person on stage.
  • He won 2nd place in the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • He is a judge in the TV show “ The Voice “.
  • He is married and has 4 children .

Who is he ?


Mystery Person 5 : (By Helen Kotsoula )

  • She is a  famous singer.
  • She was born in California.
  • She lives in America.
  • She is 25 years old.
  • She likes wearing modern clothes.
  • She played at a Nickelodeon series in 2005.


Who is she ?




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